A clothing donation helps newborns in the early months

Black Moda Portugal donated bodies, baby pants and helmet hats familiar from Kela’s maternity kit to newborns supported by Banco do Bebé. The package also included KUDE tunics for the mothers of the little ones.

Banco do Bebé – Association for Aid to the Newborn – is a Private Social Solidarity Institution created on May 26, 1996 and is therefore under the Patronage Law.

Headquartered in Lisbon, the Association was created by Marina Arnoso, Luisa Lancastre, Ingrid Poppe, Efigénia de Brito and Maria Sarsfield Cabral, who have been volunteering at the Dr. Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital since 1991. During the time of their volunteering, they realized the economic, social and development problems that the children of the Maternity and their families faced in their day-to-day lives and decided, therefore, to create an institution that would allow them to systematically support these families.

“Banco do Bebé – Association for Aid to the Newborn, is grateful for the generous donation that Black Moda brought us and that will allow us to give an increasingly careful response to the families and babies we support.

Baby clothes are a treat to fill the heart with love and tenderness and that will make all the difference in the lives of the babies we accompany. The tunics they sent and that will be distributed by the mothers we accompany are of great importance.

On behalf of all THANK YOU SO MUCH.”
Gabriela Filipe

You can learn more about Banco do Bebé from this link. The pages are in Portuguese.