NOSH is a Finnish clothing brand whose clothing is a pleasure to wear. Our range includes luxuriously soft, high quality and always fit women’s, men’s and children’s wear. The main ingredient in NOSH garments is organically grown and certified organic cotton. All our garments are manufactured responsibly in Europe. We want to serve you best and provide you with clothes that will make you feel just as you are.

Nosh Company Oy was established in 2009 with the launch of the first NOSH range of children’s clothing. Our goal was to bring happy baby clothes made from high quality natural materials to the market. In 2013, we launched our own NOSH clothing invitation concept where NOSH representatives bring the clothing store to the customer. This success encouraged us to expand our offer of ethical and ecological clothing. Starting in 2014, we added the desired NOSH Women clothing to our range. Today, we wear children, women and men in popular clothes all over Finland.

Kaiko Clothing

Kaiko Clothing is a company specializing in ethically-made children’s and women’s clothing, which began in the fall of 2016, when founder Mirjam Sokka considered how to combine her dream job with fashion for charity. Everything combines a passion for beautiful, high-quality clothing and a mission to improve the quality of life for women and children. Everything directs 7% of the proceeds from the sale of clothing to educate women and children in developing countries.

Collaboration with Black Moda began early after the founding of the brand. Black Moda Portugal manufactures all of the popular jersey print products that form the basis of the collections and sets the mood for the seasons.

The partnership between us has been lucrative from the start, and Black Moda has supported Kaiko’s journey and enabled the brand to grow. Black Moda’s Pirkkala office facilitates communication between our production team in Helsinki and production in Portugal.

It has been especially rewarding to visit the Black Moda factory in Portugal and to meet the team behind production, which is really important to us.


“Aarre – meaning treasure – makes everyday clothing choices easier by creating products that will withstand time and use. We carefully design and make each one, because our world doesn’t need any more junk clothing. Our products are made for those who need clarity in a world of rapid change and fashion.

We fall in love with our clothes every day, we value the people who make them and their materials. Our mission is to make this possible for others.”

Aarrelabel’s story took a new turn when Black Moda siblings Laura, Marko and Riikka bought the brand in 2016. Today, Aarrelabel manufactures its products in Black Moda Portugal and other responsible suppliers in Portugal and Italy.

Riva Clothing

“Buy less, use more”.

We want to inspire Finns to buy less and use their clothing more. Our products are designed in Finland to withstand time in terms of both material and design. We want to design minimalist and functional clothing that will bring long-lasting happiness to our users.

Our products are manufactured at Black Moda Portugal. We think the collaboration between us has been great: we still have a lot to learn as new players and the wonderful people at Black Moda have helped us a lot. We have successfully turned a new page for our company when we started to produce our products in partnership with Black Moda.


Our grandad’s dream was to set up a “rag factory”. A small sewing room was placed downstairs. Then he drew a figure resembling a T-shirt on the fabric, cut it off and sewed it. He kept it as a treasure.

We are Puuvillatehdas (Cotton Factory), a Finnish clothing and home textile brand with the promise of creating timeless and ethical fashion for everyone.

Our production is designed to be called “collection-free” – we make products as our brand evolves. This also saves resources in production. We also strive to price our products reasonably so that they are available to as many people as possible.

Puuvillatehdas is a brand of Black Moda Oy.


“RATIA stands for open-minded and timeless design, functional everyday luxury, designed to create a beautiful environment for people to live well.”

Black Moda Oy’s cooperation with Ristomatti Ratia began in the late 1990s and Black Moda was one of the first partners of RATIA. Since then, Black Moda Oy has been responsible for the marketing and production of RATIA textile products. This long-lasting and fruitful co-operation has resulted in recognizable and iconic products such as bathrobes, classic clothing, home furnishings and accessories.


Uhana was born from the desire to create clothes that look just right and fit perfectly.

The collab project between designer duo Mira Vanttajan ja Hanna Virkamäki has grown into a real community and company, which stands for equal rights, righteousness, sustainability and bold beauty now and forever.

The partnership with Black Moda started in 2016 with digitally printed sweatshirts and jackets. We chose Black Moda because they are a Finnish owned company and the production is open and transparent. The articles that Black Moda produces for our brand are one of the most sold from our collections and our customers wait for their release enthusiastically.