Black Moda Portugal in the digital magazine Portugalglobal by AICEP

Aicep Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency (AICEP) is a government business entity, focused in encouraging the best competitive foreign companies to invest in Portugal and in contributing to the success of Portuguese companies abroad in their internationalisation processes or export activities.

AICEP publishes this digital magazine monthly where it addresses several topics related to companies. One of the monthly items is the international markets where a presentation of this market is made, its characteristics, size, habits and consumption and behaviour, etc. In this edition, they approached the Finnish market and looked for Portuguese companies that have commercial relations with it. In this context Black Moda Portugal, Lda approached to give our testimony about how they had entered in the Finnish market. Black Moda Portugal´s testimony was given from another point of view, that is, they explained that in this case it was the Finnish market that chose Portugal to produce its articles given the quality of Portuguese textile. Naturally, associated with this fact is the history of the Keski-Vähälä family and their relationship with textiles. The meaning that this article will have for us, in addition to the visibility it gives to the Black Moda group, will be the presentation of a successful case of the partnership established between two companies located in the two EU countries whose capitals are further away from each other.

See page 39. The article is in Portugese.