Our Garments’ Makers, part 3

Without professional seamstresses, a carefully designed and patterned garment will not be completed to delight its wearer. This time it is the turn of the skilled and fast seamstress Carla Martins, whose proficiend hands have been completing our products for more than eleven years.

Your name
Carla Sofia Leones Melo Martins

Job title or main duties
I am seamstress and my functions specifically is to make seams and coverstitch.

Your education or previous work experience?
I have 9th grade and i have worked for another textile factorie that went bankrupt.

When did you start Black Moda in Portugal?
I have started working in Blackmoda in December 2009.

How did you find out about this company?
I was unemployed, however a vacancy arose and I applied for it. So i met the company

How has your job / company or industry changed during this time?
Since I started, my functions were always basically the same, doing seams and cover stitching.
My tasks only change when there is one article that doen’t have seams, in this case I do another job that is needed on any sewing machine.

What is your normal working day like? What kind of things or tasks does your workday consist of?
On a regular day with for example with one basic T-Shirt, i start doing seams on sleeves then article goes to others seamstresses, at the end product is finished for me with hem seams.

With whom or with which department do you work most together?
I am a part of production, so we mostly work in team with others seamstresses.

What is the best thing about your job? What brings joy to your work?
Being able to produce pieces with good quality, seeing people wearing them and liking what they are wearing.

What poses the most challenges in your work?
The most challenging thing in my work is when comes a new model that is tricky to produce.

What improves your motivation at work?
Good environment and good working conditions.

What do you do or how do you relax in your free time?
After having housework done. I like whatching a good film or a tv series, there is also some days that i like reading a good book, police stories are my favorites.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to production customers in Finland?
We do our work with most dedication and professionalism possible so that clients needs always be satisfied in the best and most quicker way.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to consumers in Finland?
If with each passing day we get better on what we do, we should be thankfull to the quality you require from us.