Our Garments’ Makers, part 7

It is Ninni’s turn to introduce herself in out Garments´ Makers series. She works in sales and customer service for the RATIA and Puuvillatehdas brands.

Ninni Janhunen

What is your study or career path? What have you studied and what kind of work have you done before?
I have two clothing undergraduate, in addition to which I graduated from the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences in vestonomi. I have been working for a long time in a variety of jobs in the textile and clothing sector, such as eg. production, product development and re-sale and trade in the field of customer service.

How did you hear about Black Moda – how did you get here? When did you start working at Black Moda?
I followed Black Moda Oy on social media, where I noticed an announcement of an open job. I was working in another field at the time and returning to the textile and clothing industry after a five-year break was of great interest. I applied for that job and I was hired. I started working at Black Moda in February 2020.

What is your job title and your main job roles and responsibilities at Black Moda right now?
My job title is RATIA sales and customer service person. I work as a liaison between the production and distribution of the RATIA brand and in the customer service of both RATIA and Puuvillatehdas retailers.

What is your typical working day like? What work do you do and with whom do you collaborate?
I work because of the prevailing situation remotely from home. I am, among other things, in e-mail contact with customers and partners regarding orders, schedules, deliveries and in connection with Black Moda employees, e.g. invoicing, warehousing, and production orders.

What motivates you in your work and what in turn is the most challenging in your work?
The feedback I received from customers and partners and the successful project, from order to delivery, motivate me. The challenge is to coordinate schedules between different parties.

How has the industry changed during your career?
A significant change has been the shift in consumer trade from physical stores to online stores.

What is the most important thing (s) you have learned in your work?
Extensive expertise in both the trade sector and the production tasks of the textile and clothing sector supports each other in all areas. Reliable and encouraging cooperation between customers and partners is the key of long-term partnerships.

What do you think are Black Moda Oy’s competitive advantages?

Black Moda´s staff´s expertise in every task is always in the customers best interest. A long – term partnership between different parties has been successful.

What do you dream of?
I am dreaming of summer heat and traveling.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to production customers or resellers?
I would like to thank them for their cooperation and their trust in our expertise. At Black Moda, we work as a team, where customer satisfaction is always the main goal.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to a young person in the textile and clothing industry?
Narrow specialization in a country the size of Finland is challenging, so I recommend keeping your mind open regarding your choices in cooperation / education.