Our Garments’ Makers

We interviewed professionals from our series of Our Garments’ Makers who work in different departments of our own sewing factory, Black Moda Portugal. Each of them, in turn, guarantees that Black Moda Portugal produces high-quality products for our B2B customers, which are also completed on time. First, we will meet Carolina Pereira, who works as a pattern maker.

Carolina Pereira

Your name
Carolina Pereira

Job title or main duties
Pattern maker

Your education or previous work experience?
I have 12th grade and 3 years training in pattern making. Besides that, I have worked for 17 years in another textile company.

When did you start Black Moda in Portugal?
I started to work in Black Moda Portugal (then Cottonhouse) on November 2011.

How did you find out about this company?
I find out about this company by answering to a job ad.

How has your job / company or industry changed during this time?
When I first entered the company i was the only pattern maker person, but then when work volume raised my job functions were shared with another colleague.

What is your normal working day like? What kind of things or tasks does your work day consist of?
– The day before unfinished task conclusion
-Proto samples development
-Planificate orders, schedule them to cut
-Verification of the entire article modeling process
-Raw material consumption study for each article
-Measurement control and proto verification before sending to the client

With whom or with which department do you work most together?
I work most together with comercial department, with cut department and production section.

What is the best thing about your job? What brings joy to your work?
The best thing of my job is the feeling that everyone has trust in me.
And it brings me joy when i see projects being materialize.

 What poses the most challenges in your work?
The most challenging about my job is when developments are difficult to elaborate.

What improves your motivation at work?
My motivation at work gets better when clients are satisfied with the collections.

What do you do after work or how do you relax in your free time?
In my free time I like to run on the mountain (trail).

What kind of greetings do you want to send to production customers in Finland?
That we made all their articles with care, always making sure we make a quality product so client will be satisfyed with our work.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to consumers in Finland?
I hope consumers feel confortable with our portuguese quality.