Our Garments’ Makers, part 2

In the second part of Our Garments’ Makers story series, we introduce Carlos Silva, who works as a sales assistant and coordinates the orders of our production customers in collaboration with various production departments.

Your name
Carlos Filipe Pereira da Silva

Job title or main duties
I’m a sales assistant and this is my first experience in the textile area. My main responsibility is to coordinate client wishes with production department.

Your education or previous work experience?
I have a degree in management and my previous working experience were very different from what I’m doing now here in Black Moda.

When did you start Black Moda in Portugal?
I started to work in Black Moda in October 2015.

How did you find out about this company?
I was looking for new career opportunities in 2015 and I saw a job vacancy here. I applied and got a job interview. And now, I am here…

How has your job / company or industry changed during this time?
Since I’ve started to work here, I’ve been doing multiple tasks. I’ve done warehouse tasks, production tasks, administrative tasks and more. This was very good for me as I could better understood the whole process and learned faster about it, since this is my first textile company experience.

What is your normal working day like? What kind of things or tasks does your workday consist of?
Basically, on daily bases, I check production status from clients that are assigned to me. I receive orders from them and provide every material and plans so that when time comes and production department starts working on it, they have everything ready to proceed without faults or delays. I need to assure production does everything like client wants in the time that customer needs.

With whom or with which department do you work most together?
Production department is the one where I loose more of my time, but I work with all departments (logistic, pattern, etc.) because in our team we are all linked together and each one is needed.

What is the best thing about your job? What brings joy to your work?
Client satisfaction is my goal and what makes me very happy.

What poses the most challenges in your work?
Solving problems, finding solutions is the most challenging part of my work. Getting the best for my clients is my goal and that is always difficult and hard to achieve.

What improves your motivation at work?
I’m always high motivated and providing better and more satisfying solutions to the client is a process that keeps me always highly motivated.

How do you get back from work / what do you do or how do you relax in your free time?
My family is everything to me and getting back home to them is my only objective. I spend all the time that I can with them and try to make every second count.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to production customers in Finland?
I would like to thank all our Finish clients for choosing us to provide their articles and assure them that all of us here will always do our best to make their brands achieve their goals and success.

What kind of greetings do you want to send to consumers in Finland?
I would like to thank all customers for buying articles that we produce and assure them that those articles are made with ecological concerns and safety standards. There’s a little extra that we put on it and that no one could copy or replicate, that is our love when making the clothes.